For 124 years Aermotor windmills have been an important part of the farming and ranching business in the USA and other parts of the world.
Aermotor manufactures X (6') to F (16') wheel diameter windmills and 21' to 60' 4-Post Steel Towers incluinge both Stub Tower and Platform. They also also manufacture sucker rod elevators and two sizes of hand pumps.

Aermotor has made dramatic improvements to both production capacity and quality control. The most recent retooling effort involved adding Warner & Swasey and J&L high-capacity industrial lathes to their machine shop.

Mill and tower parts inventory exceeds 1,000 different parts, plus they maintain a complete line of well parts including cylinders, both fiberglass and steel sucker rods, wood pump poles and pump rods .

Contact Jay's Water Well for complete windmills and genuine Aermotor replacement parts.