During 15 years of experience 1n the windmill repair business, I became aware that the reason for most call backs was because of mud, worn leathers, rivets, beetle bugs, wood, mice, hair, small animal bones, gravel, rust, bolts, nuts w1re and just about anything that will fit down the drop pipe. These debris almost always found their way into the plunger valve or bottom check. Many windmills have bottom checks that are worn out because of the difficulty of retrieving them which only adds to the problems. Therefore, we made it a practice to always pull the bottom check. This would involve always tripping the rods back or pulling the pipe. This was costly for the customer and took up much of our time during the busy windmill season ... there had fo be a better way! The Check Retrieval tool was designed to be used with the sandline and the time it takes to pull the bottom check is measured in minutes instead of hours. Thus saving your customer money and puts money in your pocket with a (small tool charge) and the windmill is doing its job of providing water.
 -Jay Cox

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